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Inequalities: Monopolistic Bureaucratic Approach Promulgated By The Capitalists Industries That Shapes and Decides Our Lives Daily.

I sell mobile phones and fashion. My products involved apple and Samsung products procured from authorised suppliers across Europe. I sell original Apple and Samsung products and not counterfeit, and it is bizarre to continue hearing from different payment gateways services such as Shopify payments service and google ads that selling apple or Samsung products or advertising these products on their platforms is prohibited. I understand that when it comes to Apple or Samsung products precisely, or any other major brands out there bureaucracy of the highest order often sets in and this bureaucracy doesn't help small traders who buy genuinely from authorised suppliers of apple or Samsung products in order to resell. I consider this to be a systematic way of using certain bureaucratic rules to suppress/oppress and exclude certain people from participating in certain opportunities, while some giant capitalists like Argos, is exempt from such rules.

This is simply Inequality without a doubt and, I will like to know what the impeccable people and ideologists out there feel about the absurd monopolistic approach promulgated by these capitalists/bourgeoisie. Apple or Samsung claims they are protecting their intellectual properties/trademarks, treating these products like something significant than human beings, but the same property which is just a piece of materialistic thing that can be bought with money, unlike human beings, has been redistributed a thousand times by third parties before getting to the final consumers. I bought my products from wholesalers of apple or Samsung across Europe as a reseller and not as a consumer, and I have never been for once told that a special authorisation is required to resell these products. Considering the fact that my suppliers were fully aware that I am a retailer since our terms of transactions was solely based on a B2B agreement. 

This a systematic monopolistic bureaucratic approach promulgated by the so-called apple and Samsung ruling and dictating our lives. These capitalists industries shouldn’t have allowed third parties to redistributes their products if they are against the reselling. These capitalists should have distributes their products directly to the consumers if third-parties trading is prohibited. Apple, Samsung, all these order tech companies approach are utterly disgusting, irrational, vague and an extreme manipulation of the law to exploit and exclude/exterminate the middle-class people with potential trading innovation from competing in an open single/free market. Apple or Samsung wants capitalists like them to trade their products, but forgetting that we small businesses make them function as a company by making massive contributions in terms of trade. 

Their distributors need small traders like us to buy wholesale from them in order to sell, so we propel/drive the market and it is a shame that the government is just too ignorant to see it or just simply failing to acknowledge the facts and realities before them. I will write an in-depth article on these issues to expose and elaborate further on the systematic monopolistic world we live in, but in the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment to express your opinion about the monopolistic - bureaucratic approach of these capitalists industries that shapes, control, and unconscionably manipulate our lives. Thank you

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